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    Occasionally more often. My husband is incredibly supportive of my writing but rightfully reminds me my first and primary vocation is being his wife and the mother to our children. To serve that purpose I am going to relegate Saturdays as 'blog day' so that I might not get too distracted during the week when I should be doing other things. I look forward to our time chatting mother-to-mother. Come in, grab a cup of hot coffee or iced tea and relax in this little Catholic space in blogsphere.... If you email me I promise to answer, but I may not be able to reply within 24 hours. Thanks for understanding. Let's thank God for our awesome vocation! Theresa

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December 01, 2006


Kathleen Hobik Horne

Dear Theresa:

Thank you so much for the wonderful Advent ideas! I have been 'stuck in a rut" trying to come up with new ideas that will actually keep the attentions of Meredith (3) and Madeline (6) that takes them beyond the usual "cookie cutter" school project. The matchbook calendar is so clever!
This is my first visit to your site and will most definitely not be the last.
Christ's blessings and peace to you and your family during this holiday season and always.

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