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    Occasionally more often. My husband is incredibly supportive of my writing but rightfully reminds me my first and primary vocation is being his wife and the mother to our children. To serve that purpose I am going to relegate Saturdays as 'blog day' so that I might not get too distracted during the week when I should be doing other things. I look forward to our time chatting mother-to-mother. Come in, grab a cup of hot coffee or iced tea and relax in this little Catholic space in blogsphere.... If you email me I promise to answer, but I may not be able to reply within 24 hours. Thanks for understanding. Let's thank God for our awesome vocation! Theresa

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March 01, 2007


Ana Braga-Henebry

Aha-- I'm not Irish either--but my house is full of St. Patrick's books! My kids have Irish blood too!


I'm a wee bit Irish and my husband is mostly Irish. My family definitely has an unmistakeable Irish surname (last name) and all of my boys have been blessed with the name Patrick in one way or another. A statue of St. Patrick stands on our mantle and two more are located in our boys' room. That being said, where did you find your Kitchen Madonna statue?

Theresa Thomas

Christine, I had to laugh at your "wee bit Irish" even sounded Irish in that comment! Now, I will tell you that after I decided to buy this statue ( I had kept the order form minimized on the computer when I left to perform some motherly duty which I cannot remember at the moment) I noticed that we had a beautiful praying Madonna statue (much larger than the one I had planned to order) in a floral arrangement we recently received. Striving to be a minimalist, I decided to see if she would *fit* in a certain spot in the kitchen near my sink. Voila! She did. And so, I didn't order the statue after all. I did decide to hunt for her, for you, though, and couldn't find her....I wish there were a way to *google* actual pictures, because she is still on my blog and in my *pictures* files. So sorry I couldn't help!!! ;(

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