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I'm a Catholic wife, mother, teacher and author. My greatest joy is waking up to educate and love my treasures each morning. "Children are God's greatest gifts" ( I kind of like my husband too;)!)


Theresa Thomas, the oldest of 13 children, graduated magna cum laude from Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN with a degree in English Writing, minors in Business and American History. She worked in public relations before marrying and then staying home with her first child, a son.

Today Theresa and her husband David have nine children, ranging in age from 1 to 18. She has been home schooling for 12 years. Her oldest children attend(ed) diocesan Catholic high school.

Theresa is also a freelance writer and columnist ('Every Day Catholic') for "Today's Catholic". Look for her work on "Catholic Exchange", in "Amazing Grace for Mothers" (Ascension Press), "Amazing Grace for Fathers" (Ascension Press) and in a new "Amazing Grace for Homeschoolers" to be published next year (2007). See "Where you can find me" for links. She has has also written for the "National Catholic Register", "The Elkhart Truth", "Ora et Labora" online magazine, "Ladies Circle" and homeschool newsletters.


I am, in all regards, just an Every Day Catholic, trying to live my vocation of wife- and motherhood in the middle of suburbia--middle-sized house, middle-sized yard, middle-sized life. I enjoy learning about God's world with my children and discovering His eternal truths in our little home school, dedicated to Our Lady of Grace. Other interests are cooking, golfing or otherwise spending time with my husband, reading, researching curriculum, writing, and exercise (got to balance those homecooked meals with something!) One goal is to get our kids through college without paying a dime. Working towards that with them takes a bit of time too. ;)