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    Occasionally more often. My husband is incredibly supportive of my writing but rightfully reminds me my first and primary vocation is being his wife and the mother to our children. To serve that purpose I am going to relegate Saturdays as 'blog day' so that I might not get too distracted during the week when I should be doing other things. I look forward to our time chatting mother-to-mother. Come in, grab a cup of hot coffee or iced tea and relax in this little Catholic space in blogsphere.... If you email me I promise to answer, but I may not be able to reply within 24 hours. Thanks for understanding. Let's thank God for our awesome vocation! Theresa

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January 15, 2007



Oh Theresa, my heart (and stomach) ache for you. I would definately try to find the rest of the door & use those measurements to start a new door. I am so sorry...


I'm so sorry for you Theresa. We have a wall in our kitchen that I treasure for the same reason. I guess since you marked your children's heights on the door, it was possible to "take it with you," unlike my wall. But we are tested in all sorts of ways and this is just one of the many, many tests in your life. Not that God wanted this to happen, but we have to take what we are dealt.
So sorry--I think it might be worth a good cry!


I completely understand your anger/sadness/frustration. I would be devastated too.

In your penultimate paragraph you ask a series of questions. I don't know if you meant them rhetorically or not but here are my answers: NO. NO. YES. YES. YES.

God whispers in our joys and shouts in our pain.

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